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14 November 1984
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i mostly like things and things... i am an american trapped in england... in the five years i've been here i have begun a new life for myself... a life that involves the NHS, crocheting creatures, chewing gum, iron deficiencies and a house three times too big for me. i purchase at least ten books a week and five films a week. my shelves are adorned with wild amounts of information featuring zombies, serial killers and memoirs. i cut my own hair and try quite hard to make myself something that i can be proud of.

i am overly passionate and exist entirely on the whim of my emotions when i love something i love it with every ounce of my being. there is never any gray area in my life. i am extreme with everything i do/eat/listen to/watch... everything.

life is amazing and although i sometimes get down, things are better than they ever could be. i am so happy with where i am today.

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